3626 - JUMBO Alphabet Set stencil

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3626 - JUMBO Alphabet Set - The Stencilsmith
3626 - JUMBO Alphabet Set - The Stencilsmith

JUMBO ALPHABETS SET - includes 26 separate stencils!

Great for painting Monogrammed letters or Jumbo signs!

26 Uppercase letters. Due to how letters are designed, not all letters are the exact height or width. All letters are centered on their own individual stencil sheets.

.5” - Letters do not exceed 2.7” T x 2.9” W (centered on a 3.5” square)

5.5” - Letters do not exceed 4.25” T x 4.5” W (centered on a 5.5” square)

7.25” - Letters do not exceed 6” T x 6.25” W (centered on a 7.25” square)

9.25” - Letters do not exceed 8” T x 8.25” W (centered on a 9.25” square)

11.25” - Letters do not exceed 10” T x 10.25” W (centered on a 11.25” square)

Our stencils are laser cut from quality mylar plastic. They are flexible, durable and re-usable. The sample photo represents a finished project with bridges filled in. It is not a photo of the actual stencil. Our stencils are cut with bridges thoughtfully built into the design. See our FAQS page for more info.