What are stencils?

Stencils are basically a "template" with a design cut from it. They're used to paint a design onto a surface (such as wood, fabric, walls, etc). This is done by applying paint (stenciling) through the cut-out holes in the stencil. After applying paint, you lift the stencil and the design is on the surface.

What are our stencils made of?

The Stencilsmith uses the highest quality materials available. All of our stencils are precisely cut with a laser, using professional-grade, 10 mil Hazy White or 7 mil clear blue polyester (Mylar) plastic. Our stencils are flexible, durable and reusable. These stencils can be used on both flat and curved surfaces, perfect for painting on wood, canvas, walls, fabric, furniture, shaker boxes and so much more! 
Once you've had the chance to paint with our stencils, you will appreciate the added strength and attention to detail we put into each and every stencil.

What does the term "mil" mean?
This is the thickness of the plastic measured in thousands of an inch and is not to be confused with millimeters. 10 mil is .010 of an inch, and 7 mil is .007 of an inch.


What are "bridges"?

Bridges are designed to hold the middle of the letter in place. Without them, the middle of letters like 'A', 'O', 'D', etc would fall out. The middles (also known as 'islands') need to be fastened to the rest of the stencil, thus 'bridges' are worked into the design. 
We take a lot of time and effort designing our bridges in the correct spots to make them strong and visually appealing.


What's the difference between "stencil size" and "image size"?
The STENCIL SIZE is the measurement of the entire stencil. The ACTUAL IMAGE SIZE is the measurement of the design itself. Please pay close attention to sizes listed in the description (stencil vs. image size). The descriptions can vary by stencil.