Families Are Forever - FRAME stencil

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Families Are Forever - FRAME - The Stencilsmith
9” x 9” Picture Frame Stencil …with a 4”x 6” rectangle
*photo corners not included*
  1. Once basecoat is painted & dried, simply place stencil over area.... stencil the image in whatever color you wish ….You can paint the 4x6 rectangle if you’d like for a ‘picture background’ for your photos …or just leave it blank. It’s up to you!
  2. Then simply take your photo and attach it to the frame plaque with photo corners …found in local craft stores (usually in the scrapbooking isle). This will not only keep the picture attached, but give your frame plaque a ‘finished’ look. (Don’t forget to nail on a saw-tooth hanger on the back) …and you’re finished! Ready to hang!!
ENJOY!! :-)