6008 - welcome to our HOME (paw)

Image 6008 - welcome to our HOME (paw)

The Stencilsmith



*(all stencils larger than 24", come in multiple pieces, w/ registration marks, so they match up perfectly)

24"Tall - Stencil measures 7.25"W x24"T (actual image measures 5.25" x 21.8")

36"Tall - Stencil measures 11.25"W x 36"T (actual image measures 8" x 33")

*click here to learn more about the difference between 'STENCIL' vs. 'IMAGE' size

Our stencils are laser cut from quality 7mil mylar plastic. They are flexible, durable and re-usable. Color(s) in photo are for sample only. Our stencils are transparent blue with bridges built into the design. See our FAQS page for more info.

Need a DIFFERENT SIZE than shown? Not a problem! Just contact us and we can work together on your project!