5662 - Buffalo Plaid (large checks) stencils

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5662 - Buffalo Plaid (large checks) - The Stencilsmith
5662 - Buffalo Plaid (large checks) - The Stencilsmith

Perfect for repeating design across wide surfaces!
How do I paint with this? Simply paint your background 1 color (like red), then lay your stencil down and stencil another color (like black) on top.

How do I pick the right size? Sizes are labeled by image size. So if your board is 7.25”x48”, (and you want your checks to go right to the edge of your board, you’ll want the 7.25” size – when stenciling, line the checks up to the edge/corners of your board, stencil, lift up, then shift it over to repeat pattern until surface is covered).

If you prefer a different size, just contact us!

*click here to learn more about the difference between 'STENCIL' vs. 'IMAGE' size
Our sizes are made to fit the pattern edge to edge on a standard lumber sized board. If you prefer a different size, just contact us!

5.5" - Stencil measures 7" x 24" (actual image measures 5.5" x 22.2")
(individual squares measure: 1.8")

7.25" - Stencil measures 9" x 24" (actual image measures 7.25" x 22")

(individual squares measure: 2.4")

9.25" - Stencil measures 11.25" x 24" (actual image measures 9.25" x 21.75")

(individual squares measure: 3")

11.25" - Stencil A measures 13" x 22" (actual image measures 11.25" x 18.9")

(individual squares measure: 3.7")

Our stencils are laser cut from quality mylar plastic. They are flexible, durable and reusable. Our stencils are cut with bridges thoughtfully built into the design. The sample photo represents a finished project with bridges filled in. It is not a photo of the actual stencil.

Need a DIFFERENT SIZE than shown? Not a problem! Just contact us and we can work together on your project!