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Reusable Art & Decor Stencils for Nurseries

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6190 - woodland animals 6170 - TWINS sometimes miracles 6136 - how lucky am I to
6190 - woodland animals
Starting at: $10.95
6136 - how lucky am I to
Starting at: $22.95
6134 - always remember you are 6120 - Woodland Adventure Minis 6083 - I didn't give you the gift of
6069 - you are my sunshine 6046- with a few beats of your heart 6025 - please excuse the mess
6069 - you are my sunshine
Starting at: $16.95
5908 - Thou shalt not try me 5905 - let them be little 5829 - sweet dreams
5905 - let them be little
Starting at: $14.95
5829 - sweet dreams
Starting at: $16.95
5734 - I love my little leprechauns - BLOCK set 5712 - I love you a bushel & a peck 5625 - Please excuse the mess
5626 - Bake me a cake as fast 5559 - You are my sunshine 5349 - First Day Of
5559 - You are my sunshine
Starting at: $22.95
5349 - First Day Of
Starting at: $10.95
5333 - you are loved 5301 - Even sharks brush their teeth 5262 - I would walk across
5333 - you are loved
Starting at: $12.95
5262 - I would walk across
Starting at: $12.95
5234 - always be yourself unless 5237 - Follow Your Dreams 5236 - I love you to the moon
5237 - Follow Your Dreams
Starting at: $24.95
5231 - be a unicorn 5221 - Fishing Poles 5222 - Be Kind
5231 - be a unicorn
Starting at: $17.95
5221 - Fishing Poles
Starting at: $24.95
5222 - Be Kind
Starting at: $24.95

Create gorgeous, vintage-style and whimsical decor for the nursery or kids' room with this selection of stenciling templates. With so many decorating options to choose from online, it's not easy to stay unique. These stencils will allow you to customize your decor with colors, placement and finishing touches, giving you easy access to affordable yet exclusive designs for your child's room.

Our stencils for kids' rooms range from sweet and inspiring to sassy and fun. These letter and art stencils will look great on furniture, wood, metal or fabric; there's no limit to where you can place a stencil. And with reusable mylar stencils, you're not limited to perfecting your design the first time. Experiment with your placement or create a range of designs to give away or sell. Your personal touch is what will make the decor you create with these templates so unique.

Add beautiful, fun or inspirational touches to your little one's room. You don't need to overhaul the entire nursery to get the look you're after. Start with a central theme and a large wall piece and go from there. Make it a boys' room with tractors or airplanes, or create a clean and vintage feel with beautiful font and art combinations that are both classic and playful. Stencils can be placed on prepped or unfinished wood, a metal watering can, a pillow case, a refinished dresser, the wall and so much more. Because mylar is flexible, you're able to stencil a wide range of surfaces, including those that curve. Whether you use a brush to create smooth coverage or a sponge for an uneven, speckled design, we guarantee you'll love your creation. If you don't, simply start over; our stencil templates can be used again and again, and many of our customers report they've created art with their first stencil for years.