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Humorous Reusable Stencil Templates for DIY Art

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6195 - We sleep around 6184 - You can't retire from being 6178 - Say what you will about the South
6195 - We sleep around
Starting at: $18.95
6165 - I hope my ship comes in before 6141 - What happens at the  ...is laughed about 6135 - Without Coffee I wouldn't be
6126 - No Soliciting try the neighbors 6127 - coffee you're on the bench 6128 - Please remove your shoes
6129 - please wash your hands only you 6124 - Bathroom Humor Minis 6121 - Ring the doorbell and let me sing
6112 - she-crab definition 6113 - don't make me slap you with 6119 - No working during drinking hours
6112 - she-crab definition
Starting at: $14.95
6092 - every girl needs 6086 - I don't have ducks or a row 6072 - our family is just one tent
6092 - every girl needs
Starting at: $17.95
6068 - As for me and my house 6041 - My therapist has a wet nose 6025 - please excuse the mess
6022 - You never know what you have ... toilet paper 6019 - Please remain seated for the entire 6023 - I can't fix the weather but
5988 - Please excuse / Don't mind the mess 2853 - I may look calm but 5979 - My dog / cat and I talk
2853 - I may look calm but
Starting at: $15.95

From stencils that make you chuckle to those that speak to you on a seriously personal level, you'll find it all here in the humor section. Our funny stencil templates are going to help you create a witty, wholesome and (mostly) family friendly decor for your home, business or wherever else you see fit.
Our stencils are all reusable, made from sturdy mylar plastic. That means you're not stuck with the first design you create, and you're able to use our stencils to fulfill a wide range of needs.

Creating your own design means you get to decide on colors, placement and background. Have a wild idea to upcycle an old headboard or turn a useless piece of fabric into a tote? Don't stop there, add your own whimsical, cute and playful designs with a stencil that's easy to use and reuse!

Browse our selection of funny stencil templates now and get inspired. Just moved and need new art? Try a stencil. Mom's birthday coming up? She'd love a gift that's both exclusive and handmade by you. Trust us, you can't go wrong with a humor stencil, no matter where you place it. Go the traditional route and use a wooden or paper background; wall decor that's easy to move and find a place for is always in style. Need an affordable group project that everyone can participate in? Grab a handful of plain canvas totes and waterproof paints to stencil with. Whether you love creating projects for yourself, close friends or you're interested in selling your own unique designs back online, we recommend starting with a funny stencil everyone's bound to be tickled by.