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Reusable Stencil Templates for Indoor & Outdoor Art

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6687 - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 6675 - Hygge minis 6673 - the snuggle is real
6675 - Hygge minis
Starting at: $7.95
6673 - the snuggle is real
Starting at: $14.95
6659 - Hygge Definition 6668 - A Hygge Home Is A Happy Home 6666 - JUMBO - Home Is Where The Hygge Is
6659 - Hygge Definition
Starting at: $14.95
6660 - JUMBO - BUZZ OFF 6658 - JUMBO - Germ Free Zone 6650 - JUMBO - Oh hello there
Starting at: $17.95
6651 - JUMBO - why hello there 6652 - JUMBO - Welcome (bee) 6653 - JUMBO - Good Vibes Only
6652 - JUMBO - Welcome (bee)
Starting at: $17.95
6654 - JUMBO - This home is filled with 6655 - JUMBO - Forget the Dog Beware of the Kids 6638 - Home Is Where Your Honey Is
6639 - JUMBO - Welcome to our Hive 6640 - JUMBO - it's so good to (bee) home 6634 - Grandma's / Nana's Kitchen kids eat free
6632 - Stay Awhile 6620 - be our guest 6614 - bake me a cake as fast
6632 - Stay Awhile
Starting at: $17.95
6620 - be our guest
Starting at: $15.95
kitchen cooking words reusable Stencil for DIY crafts 6612 - *JUMBO - Welcome (flower) 6586 - in this home we make messes
6615 - Cooking words
Starting at: $29.95
6585 - Taste and see that the Lord is good 6580 - Farmhouse Kitchen come and get it 6569 - *JUMBO - STAY AWHILE
Starting at: $17.95

Do you love to decorate using quaint home designs and vintage wall art, but want something that's really uniquely yours? Whether you're looking for more product variety or you want to satisfy your creative side, why not put your own spin on a favorite old saying? In this selection of products, you'll find a wide range of small and large stencils designed for painting your own wood signs, decorating walls and creating a range of other fun stuff for your home.

Learn new stenciling techniques, experiment with a range of designs and create multiple identical pieces for re-gifting without the need to purchase additional templates. With our selection of reusable plastic stencils, you'll be able to paint on a range of surfaces, choosing the textures, paints and placements that appeal most to you.
Stenciling is a fun and easy way to let your creative side shine. At The Stencilsmith, we offer thousands of unique stencils to help you create quotes to put on your walls, pillows, windows and more. Shop a range of cute paint stencils for canvases, furniture and other materials to begin designing your own home or patio decor. Our vintage & modern chic wall art stencils will make your kitchen a bit more rustic, your living room a tad more country and your home overall more comfortable and quaint.