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Reusable Stencil Templates for Indoor & Outdoor Art

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6087 - Pour some sugar on me 6084 - Department of lost socks 6085 - life takes us to unexpected places
6087 - Pour some sugar on me
Starting at: $12.95
6080 - *JUMBO - GO AWAY 6077 - make yourself at home 6081 - just text me
6080 - *JUMBO - GO AWAY
Starting at: $17.95
6077 - make yourself at home
Starting at: $12.95
6081 - just text me
Starting at: $12.95
6073 - Olde Glory Flour 6068 - As for me and my house 6064 - *JUMBO - Welcome to our Home (wreath)
6073 - Olde Glory Flour
Starting at: $12.95
6060 - Laundry minis 6062 - home is where you are loved 6053 - *JUMBO - WELCOME (sand dollar)
6060 - Laundry minis
Starting at: $7.95
6054 - *JUMBO - Welcome to our Home (pineapple) 6057 - *JUMBO - Come in We're AWESOME 6056 - *JUMBO - hey Y'all
6056 - *JUMBO - hey Y'all
Starting at: $24.95
6055 - *JUMBO - Doorbell broken 6049 - Kitchen Closed this heifer's had it 6048 - Mom's Baking Co
6048 - Mom's Baking Co
Starting at: $19.95
6051 - Life is better at the 6052 - *JUMBO - come gather in our kitchen sit long 6045 - Come in and STAY awhile (wreath)
6051 - Life is better at the
Starting at: $14.95
6044 - hello (wreath) 6042 - What I love most about my home is who 6043 - Together is our favorite place to be
6044 - hello (wreath)
Starting at: $12.95
6040 - come sit on the 6038 - No soliciting seriously don't 6033 - come gather at our table
6040 - come sit on the
Starting at: $12.95

Do you love to decorate using quaint home designs and vintage wall art, but want something that's really uniquely yours? Whether you're looking for more product variety or you want to satisfy your creative side, why not put your own spin on a favorite old saying? In this selection of products, you'll find a wide range of small and large stencils designed for painting your own wood signs, decorating walls and creating a range of other fun stuff for your home.

Learn new stenciling techniques, experiment with a range of designs and create multiple identical pieces for re-gifting without the need to purchase additional templates. With our selection of reusable plastic stencils, you'll be able to paint on a range of surfaces, choosing the textures, paints and placements that appeal most to you.
Stenciling is a fun and easy way to let your creative side shine. At The Stencilsmith, we offer thousands of unique stencils to help you create quotes to put on your walls, pillows, windows and more. Shop a range of cute paint stencils for canvases, furniture and other materials to begin designing your own home or patio decor. Our vintage & modern chic wall art stencils will make your kitchen a bit more rustic, your living room a tad more country and your home overall more comfortable and quaint.