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Dog & Cat Stencil Design Templates for Decor Projects

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6677 - Dogs are God's way of apologizing 6670 - let's go for a walk 6654 - JUMBO - This home is filled with
6670 - let's go for a walk
Starting at: $9.95
6655 - JUMBO - Forget the Dog Beware of the Kids 6574 - Welcome hope you like dog hair 6511 - No need to knock
6511 - No need to knock
Starting at: $10.95
6424 - It really is the DOG'S HOME There are some crazy dogs in here Mylar Stencil always by my side Mylar Stencil
6269 - always by my side
Starting at: $11.95
you know what I like about people Mylar Stencil Ring the doorbell and let me sing Mylar Stencil just text me Mylar Stencil
6081 - just text me
Starting at: $12.95
My therapist has a wet nose Mylar Stencil please excuse the mess Mylar Stencil wag / purr more Mylar Stencil
6017 - wag / purr more
Starting at: $7.95
welcome to our HOME (paw) Mylar Stencil all you need is love and a dog Mylar Stencil My dog / cat and I talk Mylar Stencil
Home Sweet Home Mylar Stencil Crazy Dogs Live Here Mylar Stencil Coffee/Naps minis Mylar Stencil
5931 - Coffee/Naps minis
Starting at: $7.95
I'm an Animal Rescuer Mylar Stencil Alexa Minis Mylar Stencil must (heart) dogs Mylar Stencil
5865 - I'm an Animal Rescuer
Starting at: $29.95
5842 - Alexa Minis
Starting at: $7.95
just me and my dog(s) Mylar Stencil Ring Doorbell and Run Mylar Stencil Peace Love Joy Mylar Stencil
5806 - just me and my dog(s)
Starting at: $10.95
5805 - Ring Doorbell and Run
Starting at: $10.95
5658 - Peace Love Joy
Starting at: $8.95

A pet's work is never done. From quality food assurance to analytical therapist, your furry companion provides a range of daily services will skillful tact and poise. Your pet is a part of the family, a member of your friends circle and the best kid you ever had, all rolled into one cute package that only ever ruins the carpet occasionally. And if you adore him or her as much as we know you do, we think you'll be delighted by this selection of cute and funny pet stencils.

Our stencil templates will help dog lovers and cat lovers alike create the designs they're after affordably and with ease. Your stencil can be used again and again, providing you with both a sturdy yet flexible template that suits a range of materials, including those with curves. Get creative with dog and cat lovers' wall and sign stencils today! Use them on wood, glass, plastic or metal to bring walls, doors, windows, upcycled furniture and more to life. The art you create will be uniquely yours, and is a wonderful way to commemorate your relationship with your pet or to give a thoughtful gift. Give the joy stencil art to a friend, foster parent, pet sitter or veterinarian. The possibilities are endless, and each design can be replicated in a wide range of ways so you're free to experiment with colors, placement and materials!