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Reusable Stencil Templates for DIY Nautical Decor & Art

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6524 - compass FORECAST Mylar Stencil ON ..... TIME Mylar Stencil
6524 - compass
Starting at: $15.95
Starting at: $27.95
6192 - ON ..... TIME
Starting at: $7.95
you are now entering a flip flip zone Mylar Stencil at the ... every hour is Mylar Stencil my heart will always be Mylar Stencil
HAPPY PLACE Mylar Stencil meet me by the sea Mylar Stencil decks docks & flip flops Mylar Stencil
Starting at: $17.95
6160 - meet me by the sea
Starting at: $15.95
it's better to wake at the lake Mylar Stencil put your feet up take a break Mylar Stencil I hope my ship comes in before Mylar Stencil
welcome to the beach Mylar Stencil Life takes you down many roads Mylar Stencil stay salty Mylar Stencil
6156 - welcome to the beach
Starting at: $15.95
6143 - stay salty
Starting at: $15.95
wash your claws Mylar Stencil 6145 - happy as a clam What happens at the ...is laughed about Mylar Stencil
6144 - wash your claws
Starting at: $12.95
6145 - happy as a clam
Starting at: $12.95
beachin' life Mylar Stencil LAKE / BEACH HOUSE Mylar Stencil crab definition Mylar Stencil
6137 - beachin' life
Starting at: $10.95
6112 - she-crab definition
Starting at: $14.95
don't make me slap you with Mylar Stencil life is simple just add water Mylar Stencil may you always have a shell Mylar Stencil
let the sea set you free Mylar Stencil sunshine and saltwater Mylar Stencil Welcome to the (life preserver) Mylar Stencil

Every hour is Happy Hour at the lake, and there's no place closer to heaven than a beach house. If these words of wisdom resonate with you, and you're inspired by the beach or lake life, you'll love this selection of nautical-themed stenciling templates. Create your own oasis no matter where you're located. A city dwelling can also be a beach house with the right kind of decor. Summer lasts all year at the beach or lake; whether it's saltwater and sand you crave or you're at peace on calmer shores, let your inner aquaphile out with beach, lake and even mermaid decor.

The sea is full of beautiful advice and sometimes you'll find inspiring lessons there. Decorate your home with funny nautical pictures, sweet and salty sea sayings and other cute DIY beach decor. It all starts with just a simple mylar stencil template, but you'll quickly find that the possibilities, like the sea, are seemingly endless. When you stencil your own art, you're able to create beautiful framed wall decor, wooden outdoor or indoor signs, garage or garden plaques, pillowcases or totes, and so much more. Simply pick the design you love and let your imagination take care of the rest. Imagine your DIY piece in yellow or sea green; smooth painted or speckled with a sponge; new or antiqued.

Whether your home is near the sea, you're a waterlover or you're looking for a gift today, there's nothing more special than a design that's uniquely yours. A stenciling project can bring friends closer together or afford you the peaceful alone time you need. No matter how you stencil - for yourself, for others, in bulk or one piece at a time - we know you'll enjoy the outcome.
We carry a wide range of ocean, lake, beach and general nautical-themed stencils. If you need help finding a design or have questions about special orders, contact us. We're here to help and ensure your experience with The Stencilsmith is smooth sailing.