Gadsden Flag stencil dont tread on me don't marine snake gadsen
4070 - Gadsden Flag

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**Please note: the word DONT does not have an apostrophe (as this is how the original flag was made)

IMAGE size is the design itself (image & words), STENCIL size is the rectangle around it (shown in yellow)

*click here to learn more about the difference between 'STENCIL' vs. 'IMAGE' size

8" - Actual IMAGE measures: 8"T x 10.33"W (Stencil measures: 9.5" x 11.75") 

9" - Actual IMAGE measures: 9"T x 11.62"W (Stencil measures: 10.5" x 12.75") 

10" - Actual IMAGE measures: 10"T x 12.9"W (Stencil measures: 12" x 15") 

11" - Actual IMAGE measures: 11"T x 14.2"W (Stencil measures: 13" x 16.25") 

12" - Actual IMAGE measures: 12"T x 15.49"W (Stencil measures: 14" x 17.5")

13" - Actual IMAGE measures: 13"T x 16.78"W (Stencil measures: 15" x 18.75")

14" - Actual IMAGE measures: 14"T x 18.07"W (Stencil measures: 16" x 20")

15" - Actual IMAGE measures: 15"T x 19.36"W (Stencil measures: 17" x 21.5")

16" - Actual IMAGE measures: 16"T x 20.65"W (Stencil measures: 18" x 22.75")


*click here to learn more about the difference between 'STENCIL' vs. 'IMAGE' size

Our stencils are laser cut from quality 7mil mylar plastic. They are flexible, durable and re-usable. Color(s) in photo are for sample only. Our stencils are transparent blue with bridges built into the design. See our FAQS page for more info.

  Need a DIFFERENT SIZE than shown? Not a problem!  Just contact us and we can work together on your project!

8 $20.95
9 $22.95
10 $24.95
11 $26.95
12 $27.95
13 $29.95
14 $30.95
15 $31.95
16 $32.95